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May 2009

The May meeting of the Handlan Chapter of the Brooks Bird Club will be a covered dish picnic at Coonskin Park on this coming Monday, May 18, beginning at 6:00 p.m.  Bring some food to share, and the club will provide plates, cups, utensils, and drinks.  We will vote on new officers, and discuss the recent Century Count and other birding observations.
We had good results with our Century Count last weekend, reaching a total of 120 species.  Among the highlights were 28 wood warblers and 4 of the woodland thrushes.  We'll have a complete list and talk about the count in more detail at the meeting.
Handlan's new fiscal year begins in May, so we'll begin collecting our annual dues of $10.  Bev Wright, our treasurer, will be on vacation (Italy), so Marilyn Morton will be accepting dues payments at the meeting.
Doren Burrell, the incoming Handlan president, will host our mid-summer meeting at his new home in the Mink Shoals area.  He's on a ridgetop, surrounded by woods and fields.  The meeting will be in July, and we'll give you notice well in advance concerning the exact date.
See you Monday!

How to get to the Coonskin shelter where we'll meet on Monday evening at 6:00 for the picnic.

 It's the same place we've used for recent Coonskin meetings.  As you come into the park, the road goes gradually downhill, and then you get to where you'll abruptly climb a steep hill.  As you get to the crest of the steep hill, turn right, where you'll shortly pass between two stone pillars and continue climbing steeply.  Stay on this road as it meanders, and you'll get to an intersection where there's a one-way circle.  Bear right at this intersection, and we'll be at a shelter that has a gravel parking lot, on the right side of the road. 



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