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May 2011

We will hold our last meeting of the 2011 Spring Season at Coonskin
> Park on Monday, May 16, at 6:00 PM. This is our annual potluck dinner
> so bring a covered dish, a plate and your appetite. Drinks and utensils
> will be provided. We are looking forward to talking about recent
> sightings, the results of our Century Count (see below) and plans for
> moving forward with the Bird Club.
> For those who have not been to our potluck dinner in the past, we
> gather in the shelters at the far end of the loop in the upper picnic
> area. To get there: drive through the main entrance of the Park and when
> the road ascends, look for a road on the left marked by a set of stone
> pillars. Follow this road up the hill and keep going until you are
> directed to proceed to the right on a one-way loop. Look for a large
> group of cars in a parking area to the right.




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