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May 2012

There is a small correction to the directions below to our meeting site at Coonskin.  It's the same spot we've used for recent Coonskin gatherings, so most of you know how to get there.  But for those who don't, once you enter Coonskin, the road descends and then climbs steeply.  As you are coming to the crest of that steep climb, watch for a road on the right (not left), and you will follow this road up another steep incline, and from there follow Doren's directions to our gathering spot.  The stone pillars that he mentions have recently been torn down, and there is now a bright yellow, metal gate where you start up the second steep incline.

Bird Club Meeting - Coonskin Park

We will hold our last meeting of the 2012 Spring Season at Coonskin Park on Monday, May 21, at 6:00 PM. This is our annual potluck dinner so bring a covered dish, a plate and your appetite. Drinks and utensils will be provided. We are looking forward to talking about recent sightings, the results of our Century Count and plans for moving forward with the Bird Club.

For those who have not been to our potluck dinner in the past, we gather in the shelters at the far end of the loop in the upper picnic area. To get there: drive through the main entrance of the Park and when the road ascends, look for a road on the left marked by a set of stone pillars. Follow this road up the hill and keep going until you are directed to proceed to the right on a one-way loop. Look for a large group of cars in a parking area to the right.

Breeding Bird Atlas Workshop

Coonskin Park will also be the location for our first workshop on recording observations for the Breeding Bird Atlas project. At this workshop, we will review the basic requirements for recording any observations you may make while birding. Then we will break up into teams and look around the park for breeding activities. We'll have some sample field forms and see if we can increase the tally of breeding observations for the Coonskin area.

Thursday evening, May 24th, 6:00 PM. We'll meet in the parking lot by the playground and family center. If you have them, bring binoculars and a clipboard. For more information, contact Doren Burrell, 304-343-5873



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