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September 2009

The Handlan Chapter of the Brooks Bird Club will resume our regular schedule of meetings with our annual Ice Cream Social meeting on Monday,September 21st, beginning at 6:00 PM. This meeting will be held at the homeof Doren Burrell in Mink Shoals, just north of Charleston.

(We will NOT be meeting at Coonskin Park this time. The park officials at Coonskin prefer to have everyone out of the shelters by dark and this wouldnot give us much time for any socializing.)

Please bring a folding chair and, weather permitting, we enjoy the onset of evening on Doren's deck while we catch up on stories of vacations, birdsightings and news about nature. We'll have ice cream and drinks ready forall participants. We look forward to seeing you!

Here's how to get there.  Since most people will be coming from or through Charleston, those directions are first, followed by directions for those coming from the north (Pinch, Quick, Elkview, etc.).  For assistance, Doren's home # is 304-343-5873.
From Charleston, take I-77 North to I-79 North and travel the short distance to the first I-79 exit, which is Mink Shoals.  At the end of the exit ramp, turn right, onto US 119, going toward Elkview.  After one mile, you'll see a sign for Elk Hills.  Then begin to look for green road signs on the left side of the road.  The third green sign marks Crestwood Road, which leaves the highway at a steep angle to the left.  Make this left turn onto Crestwood and note your mileage.  Drive two miles on Crestwood.  The road is narrow and winding and uneven in a couple of places, so just take your time.  (Note:  the house numbers on this road are NOT in order, so don't be surprised if you see 417 after 510, etc.)  You'll know you are getting close when you pass an enormous red barn on your right.  You'll first see Doren's house (524 Crestwood) as a small white house immediately below the road, on the right.  Just past that, you'll reach a three-way intersection, and the gate for Doren's gravel driveway is right at the intersection.
From north of Charleston:  Go to Big Chimney and head toward the I-79 interchange for Big Chimney.  Go under the interstate and follow the road as it bends to the right.  This is Mile Fork Road.  Follow Mile Fork Road to where Mink Shoals Branch Road turns off to the left.  Take Mink Shoals Branch Road up the hill until you come to a very wide spot where several roads and driveways intersect.  Doren's house - 524 Crestwood - is immediately on your left.  (This will be the first available left after getting on Mink Shoals Branch Road.)
See you Monday!



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