December, 2003

NEXT MEETING: Monday, December 8th at Char House, South Ridge.
Please come and join us. There will not be a program, but the Shearerís have volunteered to entertain us with music and a brainteaser quiz.

Christmas Count: January 3rd has been selected for the day. The coverage area is described by a fifteen mile circle with its center near the FMC fly ash pond. Details will be discussed at the Christmas meeting December 8th. If interested in participating and not able to make the December meeting, please call the Mortonís, 727-5077 and they will direct you to a particular group. Again this year, the counters are graciously invited to gather at the Mortonís after 5:00 PM for dinner and preliminary compiling of data; their address is 2729 Lakeview Drive, St. Albans.

Our Chapter: http://brooksbirdclub.org/handlan
Parent Club: http://www.brooksbirdclub.org/

Chuck Wirts, President 744-4097
Cindy Ellis, Vice President 586-4135
Gay Brown, Secretary 744-8344
Bev Wright, Treasurer 343-9611
At large officers
Pat Holbrook 744-2071
Maryanne Kraynanski 524-2219
Shiela McEntee 744-4254