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December 2007



                                                      DECEMBER 2007

Christmas Dinner
The Handlan Chapter of the Brooks Bird Club will have our annual Christmas dinner on Monday, December 10th, at 6:30 p.m. at the downtown Shoney's.  This restaurant is located on the Kanawha Boulevard (a four-lane road which runs along the Kanawha River, in front of the State Capitol), close to where the Boulevard crosses a bridge over the Elk River.  There is a buffet available (each member pays the modest cost of their own meal), and we'll be in a separate room.  We will conduct some club business (such as planning for the CBC), share birding observations, and there will be plenty of opportunities for socializing.  We won't have our normal monthly meeting at the library in December.
Christmas Bird Count
The CBC is scheduled for Saturday, December 15th.  We'll be talking about and planning for the CBC at our Christmas dinner.  If you won't be at the dinner, but would like to participate in the CBC, call Marilyn Morton (727-5077), who is coordinating the Count.
All counters are invited to the Morton's home that evening for dinner, after dusk brings an end to the counting, where we'll consume good food, compile results, and share stories from the day.  If you need directions to their home, you can get them at our Christmas dinner, or you can obtain them from Marilyn. 
Cemetery Walk
Russ Young will lead a bird walk this Sunday, December 9th, at the Spring Hill Cemetery in Charleston.  Meet in the parking area near the main office at 8:00 a.m.  This is good opportunity to get in some winter birding practice and get ready for the CBC.  For more information, contact Russ at 925-5668.
The Handlan Executive Committee voted to make a $100 donation to the Center for Conservation Biology, which is headed by Dr. Bryan Watts, the former Handlan member who gave an outstanding presentation about Bald Eagles at our October meeting.  The Center is involved in many ornithological research programs and conservation programs, primarily in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.  They are at the center of Peregrine Falcon hacking efforts in the New River Gorge. 
January Meeting
Don't forget that our January meeting will be on the second Monday, January 14th, since the library will be closed on the third Monday for a holiday.  There's been a switch in the program schedule, and Doug Wood and Diane Anestis will be presenting the January program about their most recent canoe trip in Canada. 
See you Monday!
- Jim -




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