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January 2010

> Due to some scheduling problems and the adverse weather of late, we will
> not be having a meeting this coming Monday, January 11th. The South
> Charleston Public Library will not be open on the third Monday of this
> month because of the holiday in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s
> birthday and this coming Monday was available as an alternate. Please
> watch your email for an announcement of a make-up date for the meeting.
> Are you a bird lister? Did one of your New Year's resolutions include
> starting a list of all birds seen during 2010? If you have any interest
> in tools to start or maintain a life list, a state list or a year list
> of your bird observations, there is a website that can help you do any
> of this and more. Just go to and set up an
> account for yourself. Then you can get started with recording your bird
> observations either as a geographic, lifelong list or as a list for the
> calendar year. The site allows you to create multiple lists for your
> yard, town, county, state, country or even a world life list. This
> service, created in England by birders for birders, is free and does not
> abuse your email address after you sign up.
> The latest issue of Wonderful West Virginia magazine includes a lovely,
> eloquent article written by the Handlan Chapter's own J. Lawrence
> Smith. The appearance of this article has also generated a lively
> discussion on the West Virginia birding listserv about last observations
> of these Grosbeaks by participants in the discussion. With the
> exception of those folks living in higher elevation areas, most of the
> emailers report that it has been 8 to 14 years since they have seen an
> Evening Grosbeak. Perhaps this will be the year for all of us in the
> Kanawha Valley?
> John's article may be read online here:
> For more information about the West Virginia birding listserv, check out
> this site:



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