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July 2010

The Handlan Chapter of the Brooks Bird Club will have an informal
> get-together at the home of Bill Mills in Charleston on Monday, July
> 12th. Bill has graciously agreed to offer up his home for an
> opportunity to chat, get some update on bird (and birder) activity and
> for some evening refreshment. The gathering begins at 6:30 PM and will
> run until about dark. We'll have some drinks and food available, but
> pot luck contributions are also appreciated. Hope to see you there.
> Bill's home is 729 Gordon Drive. This is in the Fort Hill area.
> To go there, get to US 119 (Corridor G) south of Charleston.
> The first intersection up from the I-64 interchange is Cantley Drive.
> Follow Cantley up the hill past the Credit Union and the Pizza Shop.
> Make a hard right onto Wilkie Drive.
> Make the second left onto South Fort Drive (opposite the Fort Hill Day
> Care Center.) South Fort drive turns into Gordon Drive. 729 is 1 mile
> from when you turn onto South Fort Drive. It is up a gravel drive with a
> large wooden gate.
> Bill recommends driving past the house to Weberwood School and parking
> there. Apparently the Charleston Police take a dim view of cars parking
> halfway into the street on the narrow portions of Gordon Drive.




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