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March 2006


*Meeting---Monday, March 13, 7 pm, First Presbyterian Church, MAIN BUILDING, room 412. Program will be "West Virginia Orchids" by Dr. Doug Jolley, featuring his stunning slide show of native orchids in WV and nearby states.

*News---Many many thanks go from our chapter to all the folks who made "BIRD DAY" at the South Charleston Public Library a great success, including Randy Urian, Ron and Wendy Perrone, Doug Jolley, and Jennifer Soule. It was a grand celebration of the new home for the core books of our collection. Drop by the library to read and study the Handlan volumes and to check out all the new bird books Jennifer has added to those in circulation. (List of books in Handlan Collection available from president and secretary.)

We have 8 new members; two invited by Alice Knight, 5 gained as a result of the Bird Chat programs presented by Don and Marilyn Morton, and 1 who joined on the spot at Bird Day!

Remember to thank your state legislators for anything they’ve done to preserve bird habitat. Resources for checking voting records include,, and

Field trips~ Russ Young is ready with a new season of walks at Spring Hill Cemetery (see below). If you’d like to put together an

impromptu hike or trip, just send the president brief details and your message will be sent to the chapter email list.

New River Birding and Nature Festival~ Plan now to attend our state’s only bird fest. See the tantalizing schedule, with options such as Birding by Boat and Warblers Only at

Avian Influenza~ Should "culling" of wild birds and draining of wetlands be employed as a response to "bird flu"? A position statement of the American Bird Conservancy, addressing this issue, can be seen at

Blackwater Canyon~ See news of this special place in WV at

Our website~ Webmaster Jim Smith continues to help our site try to grow. View or contribute at One feature is "Seasonal Abundance Charts." Find out what species are arriving and departing. (Purple Martins could be seen in our area on about March 16!)

In 1998, Brooks Bird Club, of which we are an affiliate, issued a resolution of opposition to Mountaintop Removal. That destructive practice has recently been featured in articles in 5 national magazines, including National Geographic. (

Among local activities to focus upon the matter is a movie screening, of "Black Diamonds," in South Charleston on March 11.


GREAT BLUE HERON are on the ness at Wetlands of Winfield, February 28.



March 11, 7 pm, South Charleston MUSEUM, "Black Diamonds" documentary

March 13, regular meeting, First Presbyterian Church

April 10, regular meeting, First Presbyterian Church

April 16-walk, Spring Hill Cemetery, 8 am, (Russ 925-5668)

April 22, EARTH DAY

April 23-walk, Spring Hill Cemetery, 8am

April 30, walk, Spring Hill Cemetery, 8 am

May 1-7, New River Birding and Nature Festival, Fayetteville

May 1, walk, Spring Hill Cemetery, 8am

May 7, walk, Spring Hill Cemetery, 8am


Handlan Chapter, contact:  Cindy Ellis 586-4135


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