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May 2007




Coonskin Picnic

     The May meeting of the Handlan Chapter of the Brooks Bird Club will be
a covered-dish picnic at Coonskin Park on Monday the 21st, starting at 6:00
p.m.  Bring a dish to share, as well as a plate and utensils, and the club
will provide cups, ice, and drinks.

     To get to our shelter:  When you enter the park, the road goes
gradually downhill, and then ascends steeply.  Just before the top of this
steep section, you can turn to the right and pass between two pillars, which
will start you up another steep hill.  Stay on this road, which will wind
around and take you to a loop road.  Go right on the loop (it's one way),
and you'll see the group of shelters on the right where we'll be.

     We won't have a speaker for this meeting.  We'll briefly cover some
items of club business, and then we'll have plenty of time to discuss
springtime bird observations and for general socializing.  We'll talk about
the results of our successful Century Count; Russ will summarize the results
of his bird walks at Spring Hill Cemetery; and everyone will have a chance
to share their personal observations.

     It will be fun.  See you Monday!

     Also, if any of our new members don't know how to get to Coonskin Park,
let me know.

President, Handlan Chapter




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