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May 2008


The weather turned out to be beautiful on Saturday for our Handlan Century Count weekend, although it wasn't quite as cooperative on Sunday.  We succeeded in getting well over 100 species, and I still don't have reports from everyone.  There were some nice surprises in what we found.  We'll talk about the Count at our picnic next Monday, and I'll send out an email when I have the final results.
Our next meeting will be a picnic at Coonskin Park on Monday, May 19th (a full moon) at 6:00 p.m.  We'll once again be at a shelter on top of the hill.  As you enter Coonskin, the road goes gradually down, and then you ascend a steep hill.  As you are nearing the top of that hill, turn right and proceed through some pillars and continue up another steep stretch.  Keep following that road to where it becomes a one-way circle, and we'll be in a shelter on the right side of the road.
Bring a dish of some kind to contribute, as well as a plate and utensils.  We'll have drinks and ice.
Doren Burrell is giving a talk on bird migration at the Clay Center tomorrow (Wednesday) at 12:15 in the art gallery.  If you didn't hear this excellent talk when he gave it at our Handlan meeting, this is another good opportunity.  There is no charge.




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