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November 2006



                                        November Meeting

     The next meeting of the Handlan Chapter of the Brooks Bird Club will be
Monday, November 20th, at 6:30 p.m., at the South Charleston Public Library.
  The executive committee will meet at 6:00.

     The program will be presented by Dan Cincotta, a DNR biologist who is
the leading expert on fish in West Virginia.  You may be surprised to learn
how many different species of fish are native to our state.  Dan will
discuss invasive species of fish, and the impact these invasives have had on
native species.

                                         Christmas Dinner

     The Handlan Christmas dinner will be Monday, December 11th, at 6:30
p.m., at the Shoney's located on Kanawha Boulevard close to the Elk River

      IMPORTANT:  Don't be confused about the fact that December 11th is the
second Monday of the month, since all our other meetings this year are on
the third Monday.  We decided to go with this date so that we aren't too
close to Christmas and so that we can have our meeting before the Christmas
Bird Count instead of after.

                                  Christmas Bird Count (CBC)

    The CBC will be Saturday, December 16th.  Don and Marilyn Morton are
continuing their tradition of inviting all participants to their St. Albans
home for dinner at the conclusion of the count.  This gathering is always a
fun way to refuel tired bodies, socialize, and trade stories about the
birding activities of the day.

      We will discuss the rules of the count at the November meeting and the
December Christmas dinner.  You can count on your own, or as part of a
group.  If you'd like to go with a group of experienced birders, contact
Marilyn Morton, 727-5077, or email who is coordinating
the groups and the routes they will be covering.

                                     Spring Hill Cemetery Outing

      Russ Young will lead an outing at the Spring Hill Cemetery on Sunday,
December 10th.  This will be a good way to practice winter birding skills
before the CBC.  Meet at the cemetery office at 8:00 a.m.  For more
information, call Russ at 925-5668.




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