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September 2006


Summer is fading fast, many birds are fattening up and heading south, and
it's time to get together for a bird club meeting on Monday, September 18th.
(Don't forget, all our meetings this year will be on the third Monday, not
the second.)  In keeping with tradition, this first meeting will be an ice
cream social.  You don't need to bring anything.  The location is different
this year, since Ruth and Tom Kirk have invited us to their farm and new
home (designed by Russ Young).  We normally start the fall meeting at 6:30,
but the Kirks have said that if anyone wants to come out at 6:00, so you'll
have some extra time to look around their wooded property, you are welcome. 
A prize goes to the first one to spot a Connecticut Warbler.

The Kirks' farm is easy to find, especially with this excellent map drawn by
Tom Kirk.  Traveling south on Corridor G (119 on the map), just past the
Southridge Center (Wal-Mart, etc.), there is a sign for Ruthdale Road and
you turn right.  From there it's not far, but there are some intersections
to watch for.  After you've gone a short distance on Ruthdale and then
turned left onto 214, you'll soon reach a fork where the main road (214)
continues left and you want to go right.  This means you'll drive by the
cemetery with the cemetery on your left.  Then the sign to turn left onto
Lude Road is small, but it's there.  You'll go 1000 feet on Lude Road and
then watch for the chance to get onto a dirt and gravel road.  You won't
have to go far on this road, and it's suitable for any type of vehicle, but
take your time because it's a little bumpy in places.  When the road seems
to be taking you to a house trailer, you're not lost.  If you continue on
the road to the right, the Kirks' house will come into view, with its
prominent deck on the back of the house.


Russ Young held his first Spring Hill Cemetery walk on September 3rd, 8
people participated, and one of the highlights was watching repeated aerial
dogfights between two Cooper's Hawks and a collection of noisy crows.

Russ will lead another bird walk at the cemetery on Sunday, September 24th. 
Meet at the cemetery office at 8:00 a.m.  If you have any questions, you can
reach Russ at 925-5668.


Don't forget to stay up-to-date on our $6.00 annual dues.  You can pay our
treasurer, Bev Wright, at the September meeting, or mail her a check at 305
Mount View Drive, Charleston, WV 25314-1040.  If you aren't sure whether you
are up-to-date, Bev can tell you (343-9611).

See You on the 18th!!



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