Wildflowers by Jim Smith

Early June on Bald Knob


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In early June on Bald Knob, elevation 4820', spring is starting all over again.  The Painted Trillium are just starting to bloom.



Wild Strawberry

Golden Ragwort

Violets of all sorts are everywhere

Canada Mayflower are just starting to bloom


Birding was not too fruitful on top of the mountain, but there were a few of note. 

The most exciting was a Mourning Warbler that was showing off for us.

We were not able to catch sight of a Veery, but they were all around us singing their fabulous song!

Indigo Buntings were plentiful.

We enjoyed watching the Ravens playing around.

Other than that just a lot of Juncos everywhere.


After coming down off the mountain we still found spring wildflowers.  At Seneca State Forest we saw some just awsome Flame Azaleas.
Finally, at the Cranberry Glades we found some interesting Pitcher Plants

Some actually in bloom.

Also to be found were Bluets,

and Wood Sorrel.



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