Birds of North America



     Birds of North America Online
     Is Now Available Through the WV Cultural Center Library

    The State Cultural Center Library is offering free access to this terrific  information source at no cost to all WV residents age 14 or older. 

    It normally costs $40/year for individuals to subscribe to BNAOnline.  All you  need to do is go to the library and sign up for one of their library cards.   They will then give you the password information so that you can access  BNAOnline from your home or work computer.

     The Birds of North America series contains the most comprehensive,  authoritative, up-to-date information about all species of birds that nest in North America.  This series is similarly ambitious to the collection of life histories put together by Arthur Cleveland Bent in the first half of the 20th century.  While the Bent series remains a timeless classic loaded with invaluable information, much has been learned about birds since its publication and the BNA series provides the best current information about every North American species.  Plus it offers extras such as video clips for many of the birds,  and it is constantly being updated to reflect the latest research.

     The State Cultural Center is located beside the west wing of the State Capitol.  Metered parking for visitors can be reached by using the
Greenbrier Street entrance to the Capitol Complex.  There are two libraries in the Cultural Center (State Archives is the other).  When you enter the building, go to the left, behind a partition, to get to the correct library. The library is open 8:30-5:00, Monday through Friday.  If the staff person on duty doesn't know the password information (most do), you can get that
from Jim Waggy once you have your card.

     The Cultural Center Library also has the print version of BNA in its reference section.  Use the index, located in the last of the boxed sets, to go directly to information about a particular species. The library also has some other excellent bird books, and Mary Hogue, the director of the library, has invited the Handlan Chapter to make recommendations for future acquisitions.  Mary, and the rest of the library staff, deserves great credit for making all of these significant resources available.


Photo Courtesy of Roger Mayhorn -

Eastern Towhee


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