Photos by Alice

Wonderful pictures of Butterflies and Dragonflies

Hummers by Alice


Peregrine Falcon Release

On February 24, 2007, the Three Rivers Avian Center (TRAC) released a
recuperated female peregrine falcon at a  New River Gorge site near

Water Birds by Alice

Birds sited at the Winfield Locks and Dam.

There are also photos taken at the Huntington boat ramp

Mute Swan by Alice

Mute Swan and a a Ring-billed Gull recently visiting the Kanawha River 2-13-07.

Master Naturalist

Some photos from Master Naturalist outings to Kanawha State Forest.

Spring Wildflowers

Kanawha State Forest Spring wildflowers in April

More Wildflowers

Some other wildflower photos

Bald Knob

Spring wildflowers on Bald Knob


Butterflies photographed in Massachusetts

Fall Wildflowers

A few flowers photographed in September

Photos by Jerry

Photos of Flowers, Birds, and Frogs by Jerry Westfall

Photos by Donnie Good

Photos of Birds by Donnie Good

Spring Photos by Alice

Birding photos in Spring 2006 and Spring 2007

Carriage Trail

Birding photos on the Sunrise Carriage Trail by Alice, Spring 2007

Green Bottom Photos by Alice

Birding photos at Green Bottom, Spring 2007

Winter Photos by Alice

Birding photos in a Winter environment

Photos by Jim Waggy

Greater White-fronted Goose and other photos

Capitol Hawk

The "famous" Capitol Red-tailed Hawk

Cooper's Hawk

Photos of a Cooper's hawk at Davis Square in December, 2007 by Alice.

Winfield Wetlands Birds by Alice

Winfield Wetlands in Winter

Christmas Bird Count Photos

Alice took these during the 2006 Christmas Bird Count

Photos by Lynne McNiel

Wonderful Raptors and Others by Lynne McNiel.

 She and her students helped us with making the Handlan brochure.

Midsummer Meeting

Midsummer meeting, July 23, 2007

Heron Photos by Alice

Fabulous Kanawha River Great Blue Heron photos

Shore Birds at the Winfield Locks

Photos of Greater and Lesser Yellow Legs and Stilt Sandpipers at the Winfield Locks.

Photos by Steve Gillispie

Wonderful Photos by Steve Gillispie

 He joined us on a recent Spring Hill Cemetery Walk

Photos by Doren Burrell

A Roughed Grouse

           Peregrine Falcons

Some photos of the Kanawha Peregrine Falcon by Jim Triplett and Ron McLaughlin


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