Wildflowers by Jim Smith

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Spring has come to the Kanawha Valley.  A short walk in the White Hollow of the Kanawha State Forest allowed an opportunity to see some neat birds as well as a lot of Spring Wildflowers.  The flowers I could photograph, but not the birds.  These pictures were taken on April 15, 2005.

There are bluets everywhere.

Golden Ragwort is particularly abundant along the road.
Violets are also everywhere, in many varieties,
and various colors
One of my favorites is the Trout Lily which is still abundant even though it is an early flower.
It must be Spring if the Spring-beauty is up.
It is already late enough that the Bloodroot is just about gone.  Very few were left.
Phlox are in their beautiful prime.
Various variety of Trillium are to be found
The bellwort is especially pretty.  I think this is the large-flowered variety.
Rue Anemone is found everywhere. 


That's it. Better get out in the woods before all the "belly flowers" are all gone.

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Here are some more flowers found in Kanawha State Forest toward the end of April 2006, starting with a beautiful Yellow Lady's-Slipper found right along the road.
Foamflowers were everywhere.
The patch of Dwarf Iris are always to be found near the bridge leading to White Hollow.
May-apples are in bloom.
There are a few Perfoliate Bellworts.
We found a Jack-in-the-pulpit.
Wild Ginger flowers are usually well hidden.
Then there is the unusual Squawroot.
Carolina Spring-beauty are still around.
The Trillium is just about gone.
It is Morrel time too!
There was a lot of Wild Stonecrop to be found.
Yes, there are birds out there such as this Mallard.

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